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"I feel exhilarated.  It is as though a window in my mind has been opened, giving me a glimpse of eternity."
—Olivia W., Missouri

"To say the least, this book was intriguing.  I especially enjoyed the discussion of higher dimensions."
—Jacob B., Idaho
"What a mind-expanding experience!"
—Robert H., Colorado
“Thank you for your thoughtful analysis that provides possible answers to difficult gospel questions.”
—Mark C., Ohio
"My eyes have not only been opened mathe-matically, but also spiritually."
—Michelle R., Georgia
“I feel a sense of security about the church I’ve never felt before.  My testimony has certainly taken a leap forward, thanks.”
—Tyler P., California
“I gained a greater understanding that I can apply in my everyday life.”
—Brett P., Kansas
"I absolutely loved this book!  The idea of sharing infinitely many gold coins with infinitely
many people while retaining infinitely    many for yourself was fascinating."
—Ann W., New Jersey
“An enlightening view of perplexing scriptural accounts.”
—Steve N., Utah
"I wondered if I would understand anything, but before I knew it, I understood how ‘half a pie can be as large as the whole pie!'"
—Spencer S., Alaska
“I enjoyed this book because it made me think about the importance of making decisions for the right reasons and of heeding spiritual promptings.”
—Courtney T., Iowa
“I must compliment you on your ability to relate mathematical ideas to real life experiences that anyone can relate to.”
—Stacy K., Vermont
"At first I struggled to grasp the ideas. But then, wow!  I got more and more excited as the book continued!  Did you have any idea of the impact this book would have on individuals?  I appreciate your efforts in writing it. Thank you."
—Claudia M., Arkansas
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                P u r c h a s e  t h e  E - B o o k :
A t  a  G l a n c e —
TI n f i n i t y  a n d  B e y o n d

“The notion of infinity has fascinated philosophers, scientists, and mathematicians for millennia.  Its enigmatic nature seemed to thwart all attempts to unlock its secrets.  Scriptural allusions to the infinite evoke a similar sense of mystery.

“Few have been as intrigued by the concept of infinity as the German mathematician Georg Cantor.  Between 1874 & 1884, Cantor published numerous papers that illuminated some of the shadowy regions of the infinite.  He discovered a realm where half of a pie is as large as the whole, infinity comes in different sizes, and miracles are mathematically plausible.”

So begins Chapter 1 of To Infinity and Beyond, which explores fascinating mathematical ideas from a distinctly LDS perspective.  The concepts and exposition are intended for an educated lay audience.

As evidence of the accessibility of Dr. Kent A. Bessey’s work, Chapter 1 sprang from the article, “To Journey Beyond Infinity,” published in BYU Studies (vol. 43, no. 4).  The remaining chapters also investigate intriguing mathematics while keeping the “subject matter bathed in the light of the restored gospel,” as admonished by President Spencer W. Kimball.

Chapter 2 examines contradictions by exploring the ideas of “consistency” and “completeness,” which help make sense of important yet perplexing scriptural accounts:  Adam and Eve; Abraham and Isaac; Nephi and Laban. Dr. Bessey’s analysis not only sheds light on puzzling accounts in the scriptures, but it also provides an interesting perspective on the Atonement, drawing a possible distinction between transgression and sin.

Chapter 3 explores one of the simplest mathematical ideas formulated,
“the pigeonhole principle,” yet its simplicity belies its surprising applications. Using this principle, amazing conclusions can be drawn that would be difficult—if not impossible—to verify in practice, but are nonetheless true.

Chapter 4 features mathematical “wands” that perform countless tasks quickly, produce objects with mesmerizing properties, and even cast light
on the mysterious relationship between human agency and truth.

Chapter 5 explores “supertasks,” which are tasks that require an infinite number of steps but are completed in a finite amount of time.  Supertasks unify and extend the ideas presented in Chapters 1 through 4 and provide
a metaphor for appreciating vital aspects of the Atonement.

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